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New England Pretzel and Popcorn
15 Baystate Road
MA 01842


Sno-Treat Sno-Kone Flavors 25oz (1423+)

Sno-Treat Sno-Kone Flavors 25oz

Now your favorite affordable syrup toppings are available in an all-new size that's easy to handle, pour and store. It's the same great value but in a more economical size! Striking, sleek graphics complete the new and improved look, drawing any customer's attention — and sweet tooth — to this full array of great tasting flavors. Flavors include:

#1423 Cherry
#1424 Grape
#1425 Blue Raspberry
#1426 Lemon-Lime
#1427 Strawberry
#1428 Orange
#1429 Pineapple
#1430 Coconut
#1431 Root Beer
#1432 Bubble Gum
  • New ready to pour spout top

Miscellaneous :
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Sno-Treat 25oz Flavors(Required) :
   1423 - Cherry ($4.00)
   1423CS - Case Cherry ($29.95)
   1424 - Grape ($4.00)
   1424CS - Case Grape ($29.95)
   1425 - Blue Raspberry ($4.00)
   1425CS - Case Blue Raspberry ($29.95)
   1426 - Lemon-Lime ($4.00)
   1426CS - Case Lemon-Lime ($29.95)
   1427 - Strawberry ($4.00)
   1427CS - Case Strawberry ($29.95)
   1428 - Orange ($4.00)
   1428CS - Case Orange ($29.95)
   1429 - Pineapple ($4.00)
   1429CS - Case Pineapple ($29.95)
   1430 - Coconut ($4.00)
   1430CS - Case Coconut ($29.95)
   1431 - Root Beer ($4.00)
   1431CS - Case Root Beer ($29.95)
   1432 - Bubble Gum ($4.00)
   1432CS - Case Bubble Gum ($29.95)


(*) Mandatory Option

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Sno-Kone Cups

These Sno-Kone Cups are made especially for us from extra thick paper, extra-heavy "dry wax" so that a Sno-Kone can be enjoyed completely before the cup wimps out!

New England's Best Canola Oil 1 Gal

New England's Best Canola Oil 1 Gal is the lowest in saturated fat of all popping oils.

Neon Spoon Straws (400)

They are about 8" long with one end die-cut and flattened into a spoon-like shape. 

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