16oz Pop & Self-Serve Astro Pop Popcorn Machine 

16oz Pop & Self-Serve Astro Pop Popcorn Machine 

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16oz Pop & Self-Serve Astro Pop Popcorn Machine 

User-friendly. "Bottom Line” oriented is what the Pop and Self-Serve Combo 16 oz. kettle machine really is. This machine uses the very successful Astro 16 kettle. 36" (91 cm) wide cabinet is divided in halves. The operator fills the display self-serve compartment. It’s "self-serve” with a sliding door moving to the customer’s left. 

Illuminated "Popcorn” sign helps attract attention. (#1617BN features the block neon "Popcorn” sign.)

This unit features the highly dependable Astro 16 kettle. The operator loads the containers on the three display shelves and closes the doors. A single self-closing door on the customer side allows people in the cafeteria line to serve themselves and be shielded completely from the hot kettle. The illuminated dome is reversible.


Metric: 91.44 x 71.12 x 116.84 (cm)

  • Single self-serving closing door - customers can help themselves without getting near the kettle
  • 36" wide cabinet
  • Reversible LED dome
  • Forced air crisping system
Dimensions: 46" x 36" x 28" (DxWxH)

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