X-15 Whirlwind Cotton Candy Machine
X-15 Whirlwind Cotton Candy Machine

X-15 Whirlwind Cotton Candy Machine

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X-15 Whirlwind Cotton Candy Machine

The Gold Medal Whirlwind has been the standard of the Cotton Candy industry for over 50 years. Today, the basic X-15 Whirlwind is improved still further. The X-15 plugs into virtually and 15 amp outlet. The high performance floss head really works!!

With or without leather floaters, the X-15A produces mountains of Cotton Candy with floaters even more "volume" per pound of sugar. The UL listed heat control runs cooler than the old rheostats- and is more dependable! Before long, every Cotton Candy machine will be "solid state".

To achieve UL listing, the wattage on the heating elements was reduced ever so slightly - always replace with the appropriate part number. Brute force drive motor - one third horsepower, sealed ball bearings for longer life! Whirlgrip floss stabilizer and spun aluminum floss bowl included.


Metric: 68.58 x 76.2 x 48.26 (cm)

  • Volt-meter
  • Electronic/Accu-Heat control
  • Two 5.5" Ribbon heat elements (stacked)
  • 1/3 hp heavy duty motor with sealed ball bearings
  • Non-metallic floss head components
  • Up to 4 - 5 servings per minute
Dimensions: 19" x 27" x 30" (DxWxH)
Electrical Specifications:
  • 120V,60Hz,15Amps,1800 Watts,15 Amp Plug
Available Options:
  • #3015AX - Export Model (230-V, 50 Hz)
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