Grilla Reciprocation Hot Dog Grill  with Sneeze Guard

Grilla Reciprocation Hot Dog Grill  with Sneeze Guard

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Grilla Reciprocation Hot Dog Grill 


All other "reciprocating" (fence)grills are the same. The Grrilla gives you what the other's don't. Actual "grill" marks on every hot dog-just like you get on your backyard barbecue. People love them..... "excalibur" non stick easy clean cook surface.... "Juice" seperation. Health people love this. Juices come down vertically to the juice tray...... Wider spacing to allow for today's Jumbo 1-1/4lb hot dogs! It will take any hot dog..... Prevents burning. All hot dogs roll at least 1 1/4 turns with each "recip" Even if they come out of the freezer square, they will eventurally roll and take on the grill marks.....Dual heat controls... No other brand recip. Hot dog grill gives you even on of these benefits! Every hot dog location has been asking for the these features. You now get all these benefits in the Grrilla line of Gold Medal reciprocating hot dog grills.

Capacity 36, 1/8lb hot dogs or 24 1/4lb hot dogs.

Dimensions: 10" x 22.75" x 28.25" (DxWxH)
Electrical Specifications:      
  • 12.2Amps,1460 Watts
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