Inside Scoop on Keeping Customers Around Selling Popcorn

Posted by on 6/25/2018

What makes people come to your stand to buy? The “SMELL”, it brings the customers to your stand every time. All you need to do is pop fresh popcorn ALL day.

Pop a batch about every ½ hour. Keep the smell always in the air. People love the smell of popcorn and they know it was just popped. Do not pop a lot in the morning when you will not sell it until the afternoon.

Try flavored popcorn. Use savory flavor shake on. Try sour cream & chives, barbecue, salt & vinegar, bacon & cheese, orange cheddar, white cheddar, garlic parmesan, hot jalapeno, ranch.

Just pop your popcorn and shake on afterwards.

You can also make popcorn flavors with glaze pop. Just put the glaze pop in the kettle the same time you put the seed and oil.
It will come out coated with caramel, cherry, chocolate, grape, blue raspberry and red cinnamon. To use: ½ the amount of your kettle size. Example: If you have a 6oz kettle you put 3oz of glaze pop.

If you are busy and find you are having trouble keeping up. You may lose business.People do not want to wait on line they will leave.You can pre-package the popcorn so you can sell faster.

Try using the closable boxes or bags.There are many sizes to fit your needs.Fill them seal the bags or close the boxes.You can then store them in a big bag.

Always remember to still pop fresh so people smell and see the popcorn.

Sell two sizes.Try a 1oz and 2oz and sell the larger one less than twice the small so your customer sees he saves money.Example 1oz $2.00 and the 2oz for only $3.00. You will see more of the larger size and make more money.

There is plenty of profit for you to do that.