Measurements for popcorn,oil & salt 

Measurements for popcorn,oil & salt 

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 Popcorn Measurements 

 Kettle size  Popcorn seed       Butter Flavored Oil     Flavacol Salt
  (canola, coconut, classic blend) 
  6oz Kettle           6oz            1.6oz - 2oz    1 Tablespoon
  8oz kettle          8oz                 2oz    1 Tablespoon
 12oz kettle         12oz                 3oz  1 1/2 Tablespoons
 14oz kettle          14oz            3.5oz - 4oz  1 1/2 Tablespoons
 16oz kettle         16oz                4oz    2 Tablespoons
 32oz kettle         32oz                8oz    4 Tablespoons

For smaller kettles it is much easier to use our naks pak.  To order just click on links below.

For larger kettles we carry 50LB Weaver Gold, an assortment of butterflavored oils and flavacol salt.  To order just click on links below.

*** A good rule of thumb is for every 

  • 50 lb bag of seed you need 
  • 2 gals of oil and 
  • 1/3 container of flavacol


  • 3  -  50lb bags of seed
  • 1 -   50lb oil or 1 case of oil (4-1gal)
  • 1  -  container flavacol

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