Profit Possibilities Selling Snack Bar Items

Posted by on 6/5/2018

Are you selling snack bar or concession supply items?  

You can make up to 80% or more profit when selling snack bar and concession supplies.  Check out the charts on how much the most popular items will make you. Click here for charts You can fund your schools team, your little leagues uniforms, your companies bottom line.  

We know it is challenging for kids these days, with all the cut backs on money available for school sports and events.  If you open a small snack bar or concession stand, you can supplement that money and make even more then you were getting before.

You can try it without even having a shack.  Why not try just bringing a table a few items to the next event your school is having .  Put pre made products like bagged cotton candy or a box of  popcorn.  If you sell our cotton candy in the bags for $2.00 each you will make $1.00 for each bag sold.  Sell 50 bags and that is an easy $50.00 for just handing them a bag.  After that works add more products see how much you can make. Then trying adding a popcorn machine. If you pop popcorn in front of people and they smell it, you will have no problem selling plenty. 

Here is an example on how much profit you make using an 8 oz (med) popcorn machine.
popcorn supply profit
We have a full line of snack bar and concession supplies you can make a huge profits with.  Snack bars are not just popcorn.  Have you tried selling nachos, whoopie pies, pre-made cotton candy, donuts, fried dough, fried oreos, churros, lemonade or candy.

We also carry paper goods.  Plates, bags, boxes, trays, straws, napkins, gloves and cleaning supplies.

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