Super Bowl Party Popcorn Ideas

Posted by on 1/25/2019

Super Bowl Party Popcorn Ideas

Having a Superbowl party?

How about having popcorn. If you want just butter flavored popcorn you can get a 3lb bulk bag

Don't want just butter flavored how about some of these ideas................

Do you have your own machine? Then you can make your own using glaze pop.
Easy to do. Just add glaze pop in the kettle with the oil and seed. For best results use white oil
We have kits with the seed and white oil available

Use Blue Raspberry and Red Hot Cinnamon for white just use white seed, white oil and white salt


How about having a popcorn make your own table

Put a large bowl of popcorn and small bowls with different things people can add, like M&M's, chocolate chips, pretzels, anything you can think of
You can put our shake on flavors also

Some other mixes you can try:

  • White popcorn and mix in red and blue M & M's
  • Popcorn with pretzels, peanuts and Chex mix
  • Caramel popcorn and drizzle chocolate over it
  • Popcorn and add bacon and maple syrup
  • Popcorn drizzled with butter seasoned with oregano, onion powder, basil and top with parm cheese (pizza)

Want to be healthy. Use white seed, white oil and white salt

Are you creative? This one really looks good

Take almonds, coat with milk chocolate let harden, take white chocolate melted and make laces so it looks like a football. Then take white chocolate and mix in blue food color and drizzle over top, do the same with red color. Go Pats!!!!