Super Shaver Shave Ice Machine
Super Shaver Shave Ice Machine

Super Shaver Shave Ice Machine 

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Part Number:1047 

Super Shaver Shave Ice Machine 

You asked for it.. a higher production, more powerful shave ice machine.  The 1047 is the ultimate - the world's highest production, most powerful shave ice machine.  Hopper takes a full 8 lb bag of cracked ice or cubes and quickly turns it into snow that is "finer than nature's finest!"


Metric: 39.37 x 45.72 x 54.61 (cm)

  • 3/4hp drive motor
  • Recommended for high-volume operations
  • Able to operate on short extension cord
  • Holds up to 4 lbs. of ice in hopper
  • holds 8lbs of ice
  • 55lbs
Dimensions: 29" x 15.5" x 17.5" (DxWxH)
Electrical Specifications:      
  • 120V,12Amps,1536 Watts,12 Amp Plug
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