Twin-Wind II Cotton Candy Machine 

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The Twin-Wind II is the world's only two-color Cotton Candy Machine that is easy to operate. It produces about as much floss as a Deluxe Whirlwind. The Twin-Wind II makes one color and then the second color in sequence. Be sure to load your darker color to the outside with the lighter shade in the center compartment. Produces continuously. You'll note the switch over from one color to the next and then back to the first. Two color cotton candy outsells one color, always! You don't need two floss machines now - just one Twin-Wind II. If you get really busy, the 120 Volt models have a "one color only"switch (not available on 230V~, 50 Hz version) which allows you to load the same color sugar in both compartments and virtually double the output. #3019 Twin-Wind II Cotton Candy Machine 26" (66 cm) top diameter floss bowl, 3600 maximum Watts during "color crossover", Volts. 230V~, 50 Hz version requires about 2,000 Watts during normal operation; 3600 maximum during "color crossover."