Which one? Snow Cone or Shaved Ice?


Do you know the difference between snow cones and shaved ice?

  • A simple explanation is Snow cones has the texture of sleet, while Shaved ice has the texture of snow.
  • Snow cones are more course and rougher on the tongue, Shaved ice is like snow and less course, so it melts smoother and faster in your mouth.
  • Snow cones are the familiar cone from the beach and fairs, usually served in pointed cup.  Shaved ice is finer and is usually served in a flat bottom cup and most times more expensive.
  • When you pour the syrup on snow cones it coats a little uneven. The shaved ice is finer and the syrup sticks better to the ice shavings.

There are a few difference between the snow cone and shaved ice machines as well

  • The snow cone machines allows you to shave the ice in bulk.
  • You can shave a pile of ice inside the cabinet of a snow cone machine
  • Scooping out cups of snow cones are quick and easy
  • You can use both hands to scoop and serve

  • Shaved Ice machines you fill one cup at a time
  • You need to use a foot pedal in order to use two hands otherwise you need to hold down the shave/safety button
  • Selling each cup will take longer than snow cones
  • Shaved Ice Machines are more expensive than snow cone machines