Which popcorn machine is right for you?

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4oz fun pop popcorn machine6oz ultra 60 popcorn machine8oz bronco pop popcorn machine14oz citation popcorn machine

4oz /6oz --- Small popcorn machine that is best for home use

6oz /8oz --- Schools, convenience stores, concessions stands, rental stores, bars, bowling alleys, little leagues

8oz/12oz --- Medium to large concession stands, small movie theaters

14oz/16oz --- Large venues, movie theaters, stadiums, high foot track locations

16oz Contactless Self Serve Popper Station

All Gold Medal machines pop in a 3 minute cycle.

What does this mean to you? 20 batches an hour.

So if you have the size below and fill a 1oz box which is 6.25" x 3.5" x 2.5" you will get.

6oz machine - 120 boxes/hour
8oz machine - 160 boxes/hour
12oz machine - 240 boxes/hour
14/16oz machine - 320 boxes/hour


If you purchase the naks pak it will cost you approx $.21 an ounce for seed, oil and salt.
The 1oz popcorn box will cost you approx. $.12 each.
Total cost per oz is only approx. $.33
You can sell that box for  $2.00. You will make from $1.67 profit per box.

You will get approx 200 boxes per case. That is over $334.00 profit per case of popcorn

If you never used a popcorn machine check out the video on how to make popcorn

Spec sheets: See at a glance the size, weight and recommended cart

small popcorn machine 4oz ,6oz & 8oz
med popcorn machine 12oz , 14oz & 16oz

Don't make the mistake of getting a machine to small.


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