Basic Appl-EZ Jar

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Basic Appl-EZ Jar

Basic Appl-EZ Jar. Expand your candy apple flavor and color offering with Basic Apple-EZ.  You can pair the Basic Apple-EZ with over 53 sweet or savory flavors or color-only applications to create mouth watering and eye-catching candy apples.  

Ideal for: concession stands, grocery stores, apple farms

*Basic Appl-EZ is an uncolored/unflavored base mix for Candy Apples

Instruction for use - 

  • 1 - 1/2      Cups white sugar
  • 1/2           Cup Apple-EZ
  • 4oz-6oz   Water
  • 1/4           Cup Corn Treat/Signature Blend (flavor of choice)
Add all to apple cooker, stir until sugar is moistened, cover and cook mixture to 290 degrees F

Make any of these flavors on your apples

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