Breweries and Bars Snacks

Posted by on 12/27/2018

 Breweries and Bars Increase your sales and satisfaction of your customers with bar snacks

                                                            bar snacks

Breweries have a large selection of beers. You can increase sales and customer satisfaction with the right food.

When thinking about the right food, you must think about flavor, ease of prep, and popularity. 

We have some great flavors to compliment your brews. We have flavored popcorn, soft pretzels, nachos and more.

Equipment and Supplies perfect for Breweries and Bars


2408 on 2689CR

8oz popcorn machine on cart


24/10.6oz packs per case.
It has the perfect amount of popcorn seed,
butter flavored salt and butter flavored oil.

Food Tray:

2lb plaid food tray 1000 per case
use with popcorn, pretzels or hot dogs
or any bar snack

At an estimated cost of just 26 cents per serving, some breweries opt to give popcorn away as a courtesy to customers. You will increase you beer sales and will keep your customers less intoxicated
(Alcohol mixed with food takes longer to absorb than alcohol consumed on an empty stomach)

Mix Your own flavored Popcorn (Match to your brew of the week)

Savory Flavors

Sour Cream & Chives, Barbecue, Salt & Vinegar, Pizza, Cajun, Bacon & Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Nacho Cheese, Pepper Pop (hot), Garlic Parmesan, Hot & Spicy, Hot Jalapeño (very hot), Honey Mustard, Bacon, Dill, White Cheddar Cheese, Ranch, Buffalo Breath, Wasabi, Guadalajara Hot Sauce, Cheddar Pretzel Ale

It's perfect for bars, restaurants, and patio hot spots, holding 2.5 gallons of popcorn with the lid off, and 4.5 gallons of savory products with the lid on (to allow tumbling action).


5551 - 18" x 18" Pretzel WarmerSoft Pretzels Portion Cheese

We make our own 3oz and 6oz pretzel. We give you a bag of salt on the side. Put the salt on a plate, when someone orders a pretzel just take a spray bottle of water, spritz the pretzel and push into the salt.  You can also simply heat and serve them with portion cheese or sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. 

Pretzels go great with a dark amber beer, but people love them with any beer.  Oktoberfest is  famous for pretzels and beer.  Make your Brewery famous also.

We have the best tasting Pretzels in Boston why not match with your great tasting beer.  


5330 Nacho Cheese WarmerPortion chipsPortion CheeseTrays

Easy pre-packaged chips and cheese perfect bar snack
48 chips per case
48 portions cheese per case
500 trays per case

Just keep cheese in warmer.  When ready put one bag of chips one container of cheese in tray and serve
Food cost never changes with pre-portioned items.  Perfect salty snack that is easy to serve and eat.

Hot Dogs

8007 Steamin' DemonHot DogsHot Dog Holders

This steamer holds 70-80 hot dogs and buns. If you need more hot dogs fill the whole machine with hot dogs and keep the buns separate. 

We carry Kayem hot dogs.  The best is the natural casing in a steamer.  They come out and snap when you eat them. You can use any hot dog but the natural casing are the best for steamers 

You can store and server in a foil bag, open top bag, food tray or plate 

Also try other pre-package items - Easy! No prep!  No mess!  Just serve as is

Caramel PopcornOrange Cheddar PopcornConfetti PopcornKettle Corn Popcorn