Butter flavored popcorn salt bulk
Butter flavored popcorn salt bulk

Salt Flavacol Original 50lb

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Flavoracol Original 50lb 

If you want to sell more popcorn, Flavacol® can be your secret ingredient! Worldwide, more and more popcorn is popped with Flavacol® Seasoning Salt every year! The reasons are simple. Flavacol® users sell more popcorn - make more money! Don't settle for anything less than Flavacol®... the best and you'll sell the most! Flavacol®'s superiority starts with the salt itself - a special Alberger Process salt that contains 130 million flakes per pound. The fine salt flakes stick to the popcorn, whereas a ground salt will tend to fall off. The Alberger Process also removes trace minerals which lead to a bitter taste if too much is used. 

Regular Flavacol® contains just the right blend of Yellow #5 and #6 colors to give popcorn a bright appealing yellow color - not sickly yellow - not pink - just right for maximum sales appeal! Premier Flavacol® contains a heat stable Riboflavin for color - use if your popcorn containers do not mention Yellow #5 and #6 colors. Riboflavin is expensive, but it does not fade like Annatto and Tumeric, which are used by some producers. Butter flavor - that's where we really shine. No one holds a candle to our butter flavor - many have tried to copy it, but failed miserably. 

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