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Pourable Caramel 7LB 12OZ 

This caramel is great for apple chips. NO HEATING.. Just pour over chips. Great for ice cream too... 

Add the perfect finishing touch to your dessert offerings with this Oringer caramel dessert / sundae topping. Featuring a thick, rich consistency and a sweet, buttery flavor, this product will satisfy your customers' cravings for classic caramel! This supply of 7LB 12OZ container will keep your establishment well-stocked with this delicious topping. The built-in handle makes holding and moving this large container easy. The container features a resealable cap that twists on or off to lock in freshness, so you can preserve any unused product. To maintain this product's freshness, it's recommended to refrigerate it after opening.

With a wide variety of uses on your menu, this caramel dessert / sundae topping is sure to become a customer favorite! It's ready to use right out of the container, or you can warm it up before serving for an extra-indulgent treat. Use this caramel to add rich, sweet flavor to ice cream sundaes and other classic ice cream dishes. Offer it as a topping at your self-serve ice cream bar and invite your guests to customize their sweet treats with indulgent caramel! Warm it up and drizzle it over ice cream cakes, parfaits, chocolate pies, or use it to create decadent caramel brownies or drizzle over warm apple pie. It's also ideal for using cold as a filling in ice cream cakes and pies or mixing into shakes! No matter how you choose to serve it, this caramel dessert / sundae topping will keep your customers coming back for more!

When quality counts, choose Oringer for your ice cream and frozen dessert supplies. With more than a century of experience creating frozen desserts, Oringer uses tried-and-true processes that ensure high quality and consistency in every batch. From ice cream, soft serve, custard, and gelato bases to smoothies, water ices, and sundae toppings, Oringer offers a wide variety of products to help you serve delicious frozen desserts in your establishment. Explore their line of products to find new sweet treats to delight your customers!

Corn syrup, nonfat milk, butter (cream, salt), sugar, natural and artificial flavors, salt, disodium phosphate, potassium sorbate as a preservative, xanthan gum.

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