Hollow Churros Extruder

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Hollow Churros Extruder

The "filled" Churro is created by extruding the Churro dough with a hollow center.

This confection is then deep-fried. The internal hole is retained during the fry process and once it is slightly cooled, a flavorful filling is squirted into the hole to fill the cavity, similar to adding a cream filling into a Chocolate Eclair or Cream Puff.

Frequently, a Caramel, Jelly or Chocolate Filling is squeezed into the opening in the hollow Churro using a soft plastic sqeeze bottle.

Turn your festival into a fiesta with this unique filled confection! The Churro Extruder #9005 comes complete with two cylinders and four caps.

This extruder makes 1" churros with/without a hole in a snap. Churros can be filled with caramel, jelly, chocolate or just topped with cinnamon sugar for a treat. Try this churro extruder amusement parks or festivals!

  • Also available, #9009 extra cylinder kit with two end caps (recommended)
  • Comes complete with two cylinders and four end caps
  • Make 1" churros with/without hole in a snap with this extruder
  • 40 lbs
Dimensions: 27" x 24.5" x 12.6" (DxWxH)

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