Mini Donuts - State Fair

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State Fair Mini Donuts - 420  (Plain)

State Fair Mini Donuts 420 (6/70) (plain)  just heat and add your on topping- cinnamon sugar, powder sugar or glaze

These delicious mini donuts heat perfectly in a small conveyor oven. Finally a concession mini donut that does not need deep fat fryers.

A perfect way to deliver hot and fresh mini donuts in a very easy and simple manner and without the mess and safety hazards a deep fat fryer can create.

We have created a way to bring mini donuts to concessions where frying donuts is either impractical or impossible.

Shelf Life: 6 months frozen / 6 - 7 day room temp
How should we store and handle our State Fair Mini Donuts once we receive them?
If you're not going to use your mini donuts 1 -2 days after receiving them, put them in the freezer. Please do not refrigerate your mini donuts because that will dry them out. They should be either frozen or room temperature.
Trans fat free and kosher certified

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