Popcorn Topping Dispenser

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Part Number:2499-00-200

Popcorn Topping Dispenser

This automatic popcorn topping dispenser is made for ease of operation.  Using infrared technology, it dispenses product on cue when a popcorn bucket is placed underneath the sensor.

With a sleek new curved design, it will fit well in any decor

Bars will love the tap look design

Designed to fit on top of counter

Ideal for: bars, movie theaters, stadiums, arenas, large venues and more


  • Self --contained, automatic dispenser with infrared beam that guides the dispenser to release tipping when it "sees" popcorn
  • Holds a 19 lb or 35 lb bag of product
  • Includes a manual push button
  • Adjustable control of the flow and dispense rate

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