School Fundraising

Posted by on 11/27/2018

School Fundraising

Schools are always looking for ways to raise money for their programs. With budget cuts and grants drying up, some programs and athletic teams are finding it hard to keep afloat. There is a way to help and not have to tell the kids they can’t be part of the thing they love.

We have the equipment and supplies that will make in fun for the students easy for the volunteers and great profits.

Concession food sales has a profit margin of 60% - 92%. Which is better profit margin than:

  • Restuarants
  • Gift catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Cookies

Why concession stands?

You want the people coming to your event to enjoy themselves, You do not want them to have to leave to get food, and you can make it affordable for families.

What should you sell?  Keep it simple.  Concession foods are quick an easy to make and sell.  If you keep it simple and not too many items, it will be easier for the volunteer and the customer.

Popcorn comes in kits with everything measured for you.  Just empty in kettle and it pops in 3 minutes.  Then just bag or box.
Pretzels are already made, just heat and serve
Cotton candy is premade in bags or containers, ready to go
Caramel corn containers, ready to go 
Nachos and nacho cheese already prepackaged, just put in a tray and ready to go

Check out the profit margins


We have over 36 years’ experience in the concession industry.  We can answer almost all of your questions on how to sell, how much to sell them for, which is the best products to sell and more.  

We are here to help you

We sell top of the line equipment.  Gold Medal machines are designed to be user-friendly, and cost effective.  We have machines with PowerOff Controls that turns off the popper after 15 minutes of idle time.  

Concession foods we sell can make you 70% - 80% profit margins. With machines that keep you at low start up cost.  We have a variety of flavors to match your needs.

Have fun with food

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