The QuickSpin­™ Single Serve Cotton Candy Machine

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The QuickSpin­™ Single Serve Cotton Candy Machine

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The next evolution in cotton candy machines is here. Introducing the QuickSpin™ single serve cotton candy machine! Enjoy sweetness on demand! The QuickSpin allows you to easily change flavors and create single servings of cotton candy. It changes the way cotton candy is produced, served, and enjoyed!

The Next Level of Technology for Single Serve Cotton Candy Machines

The QuickSpin is not just any single serve cotton candy machine; it’s a powerhouse of efficiency and flexibility. Engineered to exceed expectations, the QuickSpin is designed with these cutting-edge features:

QuickStart Technology: Reduce startup time by an astonishing 50% from standby, ensuring your cotton candy creations will be ready for eager customers.

QuickCool Technology: Protect the machine and the quality of cotton candy by automatically cooling down the head, preventing sugar burning and carbon buildup.

Standby Mode: Efficiency at its best. Keep the floss head preheated for up to an hour, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Consistent Power Delivery: Unlike other machines, the QuickSpin resists voltage drops and maintains constant power for maximum floss quality.

Durable and Maintainable: The floss head is made for easy disassembly and cleaning. This machine is as practical as it is powerful.

Floss Bubble Included: For an added layer of safety and hygiene, the QuickSpin comes complete with a floss bubble.

How is the QuickSpin different from other cotton candy machines?

The QuickSpin makes it possible to create individual servings of cotton candy, switching flavors quickly and easily. Operators will enjoy the user-friendly features of QuickStart and QuickCool that help keep the cotton candy machine ready to operate. In addition, the floss streams from the center of the floss head (not the sides), which allows cotton candy artists to shape the cotton candy into flowers or other creative forms.

What are the benefits of the QuickSpin?

The customer experience is improved. Decreased wait times, plus flavor customization on demand, mean a memorable, fun, and engaging experience for customers. Each guest can enjoy cotton candy the way they like it!

Is the QuickSpin suitable for my business?

Absolutely! The QuickSpin is a great fit across all types of industries. Add a sweet touch to amusement parks, stadiums, arenas, candy stores, ice cream shops, rental companies, caterers, and more! It is made to meet the high demands of busy settings yet is user-friendly to accommodate less experienced operators.

Every cotton candy serving is a masterpiece with the QuickSpin! Swift and completely customizable without compromising quality, it is your go-to solution for on-demand cotton candy.

  • Style The QuickSpin™ Single Serve Cotton Candy Machine
  • Pan Size - Inches 26
  • Dimensions 20.875"w x 20.875"d x 28.5"h
  • Dimensions (cm) 53.02w x 53.02d x 72.39h
  • Shipping Weight 18.1 lbs + bubble (5.4 lbs)
  • Watts 1270
  • Plug NEMA 5-15P
  • Volts 120

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