2647 -White Corn/Oil/Salt Kit with Coconut Oil for 16-oz. Kettle

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White Corn/Oil/Salt Kit with Coconut Oil for 16-oz. Kettle

Combining the perfect blend of convenience, simple ingredients, and irresistible taste, Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits deliver a wholesome, high-quality popcorn experience customers will enjoy! With just three simple ingredients, everything you need is included in one neat little package. (20 kits per case, for 16-oz kettle)

Each kit comes complete with the essentials you need for popping up delicious fresh white popcorn: white popcorn kernels, white coconut oil, and salt. There’s no measuring! All the ingredients are perfectly portioned for consistent popping every time. Just follow the instructions on the package and add the pre-measured corn, oil, and salt to your kettle. Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits take the hassle out of making popcorn.

Why choose white popcorn? The key distinguishing factor is the hull or the outer layer that surrounds the kernel. White corn kernels have a thinner hull and are known for their extra tender texture and delicate, melt-in-your-mouth taste. The subtle flavor and light, fluffy texture make it great for snack time, lunch time, movie time, or any time!

There are also other important reasons to offer white popcorn. To help meet the needs of those with dietary concerns, Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits provide these benefits:

  • All-Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • Whole Grain
  • Peanut Free
  • Non-Dairy
  • Contains No Artificial Additives, Colors, or Flavors

It’s an ideal snack choice for guilt-free indulgence! High fiber and low in calories make it a better alternative to other snacking options. Serve up fresh or with Gold Medal’s Signature Shakes® shake-on seasonings to attract customers with diverse tastes.

The ease of use and delicious taste make Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits a great fit for any occasion. It appeals to a large audience and can help expand your market reach. White popcorn can be served and enjoyed at any venue that may offer popcorn, such as: grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters, parks, cafés, and schools or universities. It also works well in places that promote health-conscious living such as fitness centers, hospitals, or senior centers. White popcorn is a highly versatile snack!

Order your Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits for an 16-oz. kettle. Packaged with 20 kits per case, you’ll be well-equipped to start serving delicious white popcorn immediately.

So, why wait? Add Mega Pop White Popcorn Kits to your menu today! Stock up and discover a clean, fresh popcorn experience that will have everyone talking!

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