Which cotton candy machine is right for you?

Confused with all the choices of cotton candy machines?

Here are some helpful facts so you can make an educated decision on the right cotton candy machine

Cotton candy machines have ribbons or tubular elements.

Some people like the ribbon type machines vs the tubular. The ribbon heats and cools fast like a gas stove, while the tubular takes longer to heat like an electric stove. The tradeoff is an almost indestructible components with the tubular element. Ribbons can be damaged by users unfamiliar with the proper cleaning and maintence.

Accu and auto models

The Accu and Auto models replace the manual heat knob with a solid state control that continually adjust the power to the spinner head to compensate for fluctuating voltage due to long extension cords, generators and etc.

Schools, little leagues, rental stores, booster clubs, small to medium locations the entry to mid level cotton candy machines are best for you. Standard 15 amp plug.

Full size, entry-level to Mid Level Cotton Candy Machines

Makes 2 servings a minute.

Makes 3 servings a minute.

Makes 4 servings a minute.

High Output Machines


Has the build in voltage booster.

Highest output cotton candy machine.


Tubular Machines (Without Ribbons)

Entry level tubular element

Easiest machine with only one button

These machines are now UL sanitation approved with a removable head without using tools.

Breeze UL Sanitation
Auto Breeze UL Sanitation

If you never made cotton candy watch this video

Spec sheets: See at a glance the size, weight and recommended cart

Cotton Candy Machines

Don't make the mistake of getting a machine to small.

If you need help with what size or which model to get please call one of our profit specialist. We are all here to help you. (978) 687-0342